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A community of creatives who want to create for your benefit.

These days, it's nearly impossible to create all the content you need to keep all of your marketing channels fresh, innovative and inspired.   Our community of travel scouts will not only give you the creative arsenal you need to span all digital asset needs, but it will elevate your brand storytelling. All at a pace that accommodates just about any timeline.

Micro-influencers, digital creatives, social mavens.

We partner with travel scouts (photographers, designers, illustrators) to produce custom content, build brand exposure, increase social reach and ultimately, drive sales.   The Travel Scout Program is the quickest way for you to create branded content for your website, social channels, emails, print pieces, and beyond. It is the best digital minds working directly for you.

How It Works

It's simple. For us it is about making less work for you, not more. Our team is collaborative and curates your assignment direction, assess your needs and pair you with the travel scout[s] that will deliver at a quality we can all take pride in.  

Our 4-step process for assessing your needs guides your assignment type, and underlying costs.


Build your assignment brief with the ease of our digital campaign builder.


Determine the content types needed and specify the amount of assets you will need.


Establish the objectives and guidelines so travel scouts have a clear understanding of your needs.

Step 4

Hit submit! No obligations or up front payments required.

How To Get Started

  • 1. Register to be a Hello Africa Travel Supplier

    Only approved Hello Africa Travel suppliers can host scouts. Once approved, you can create an assignment describing your content assets that you need.

  • 2. Create Your Assignment

    Travel Scouts claim your assignment through the site to offer their time and skills.

  • 3. Host a scout

    Receive requests from scouts all over the world and get the assets you need.

Benefits of The Travel Scout Program

  • 1. Make confident decisions

    Read full profiles for travel scouts and use our feedback system to help you find the perfect fit.

  • 2. Find help fast

    View travel scouts who are already in your area and find people who can start immediately.

  • 3. Open up a world of learning

    Discover other cultures, learn new skills, get fresh ideas and perspectives.

  • 4. Online support

    Our Hello Africa Travel team is here 24/7 to give email advice and support

Already a Hello Africa Travel Supplier?

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Create AssignmentBecome A Supplier

What do you get from hosting travel scouts?

1. Welcoming & Helping Guests

Improve your location’s atmosphere with the help from motivated travelers from more than 170 countries.

2. Building & Hands-on Chore

Get help with maintenance and improvement of your facilities.

3. Communication & Marketing

Gain visibility and grow your online presence with photos, videos, and a little help on social media.

4. Teaching & Sharing

Open your doors, learn new languages, and have a cultural exchange.

5. Community Work

Increase the impact on your local community with the help of our committed travel scouts.

6. Interacting & Entertaining Guests

Create unforgettable experiences for your guests with the good energy of our travel scouts.

In exchange, you offer:

All hosts offer travel scouts an opportunity for development, cultural exchange, and accommodation in their projects. The most popular hosts offer that and more!



  • Accommodation: Private rooms, shared dorms and/or campsites
  • Cultural exchange: Interaction and mutual development between volunteers and host

  **Often **

  • Meals
  • Laundry

  **To go above and beyond **

  • Local transportation such as bikes and rides to/from the airport
  • Activities such as tours, parties and local discounts
  • Lessons such as languages, yoga, and permaculture and more :)

Who are the Travel Scout Program Hosts?

  • Hospitality businesses: Hostels, hotels, bed and breakfasts, home stays, and more.
  • Social impact projects: NGOs, schools, and community projects.

Who are our travel scouts?

Travel Scouts want to have transformative experiences and see new places, get to know new cultures and meet new people. They're eager to help your tourism and hospitality business or social impact project, share their knowledge and learn from their hosts. Ultimately, they are looking to make a positive impact across Africa.

Why use The Travel Scout Program?

The program is free for hosts that are registered Hello Africa Travel Suppliers

Post your open positions, receive help from as many volunteers as you need, and be a part of a global community without paying anything at all.

Committed travel scouts from all over the world

All travel scouts have access to resources designed to prepare them for productive collaborative exchanges.

An extra layer of safety

Get to know the travel scouts you are hosting by checking their profiles and the reviews left by other hosts. Our community is also made safer thanks to our Policy for the Quality and Safety of Experiences.

Support and follow-up

The Hello Africa Travel Support team is available to help you in case you have any problems. We can help you via email 7 days a week.

I Have Questions

A description that describes how awesome this product is at ochestrating your business and why you should seriously try it now



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