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We work with local, provincial and national destination marketing organisations to facilitate tailored marketing training and mentoring programs designed specifically for the needs of the businesses in their destination.

How It Works

Our training programs are designed to build digital marketing capability for the tourism industry with the aim of increased brand visibility for destinations and operators online.


Our marketing modules are delivered via a combination of in-destination workshops and online webinars. Our facilitation methodology ensures optimal engagement, implementation of learnings and eventual incremental gains for the businesses involved.


Our programs consist of a minimum of 3 modules. The topics to be covered in each module will be identified during the planning process, based on the needs of the operators in the region and also your region's strategic plan requirements.


Participants will have access to recorded versions of the In-destination workshops and live online webinars; module workbooks - which detail tasks to help operationalise learnings and tailored toolkits and templates - will be used to support the completion of tasks


Participants will be able to access mentoring during our in-destination workshops, throughout our online webinars, and via a private Facebook Group during the course of the program.


Our programs are informative and action-orientated, where operators are encouraged to complete set tasks to help them understand and implement their new knowledge.


Our Programs are designed to promote positive learning and collaboration between operators in region. it's not only a great way for tourism operators to work together as a team to drive demand, but the outcomes support tourism organisations to achieve their strategic objectives.


Learn the digital skills to build your business

Our programs educate, inspire, empower, and build digital marketing capability for tourism and hospitality operators in the same region to take positive action to market their tourism businesses with confidence, which ultimately help drive demand for the destination.

Boost With Facebook

We have partnered with Digify Africa to offer tourism and hospitality digital marketing sessions through their Boost With Facebook programme.

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Want to learn more about our training programs?

If one of your organisational objectives is to deliver capacity building for tourism operators in your destination, then we’d love to work with you to design a Program that meets the needs of your industry.


To get the ball rolling, start by sharing your training goals with us, and we will be in touch to talk through some options as soon as possible!


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