We believe the best way to experience Africa is to see it firsthand, enabling you to really sell and promote it to your clients. Our unique range of immersive experiences truly showcase the giant spirit of the African continent and are best experienced in person.

What is a familiarisation trip?

A trade familiarisation trip is a tour organised with the purpose of educating buyers about contractable products and services. They create opportunities for networking, building relationships between tourism industry and buyers to deliver sales through featuring on itineraries sold by buyers.

Who delivers the familiarisation trips?

The Hello Africa Travel team researches, creates, books and manages bespoke itineraries of saleable experiences. These are developed with the purpose of providing opportunities for buyers to experience, first-hand, saleable products across various African destinations.

How & where are familiarisation trips delivered?

We deliver familiarisation trips in two markets currently, South Africa and Zimbabwe. We are working to add more destinations. The group size varies and the duration of the fams are usually between three and five days.

Experience some of the best of Africa's tourism and hospitality businesses with our upcoming familiarisation trips.

We showcase new programming opportunities for buyers, outside of the traditional tourism hotspots, supporting regional development and supporting the investment in new product development whether that is the enhancement of a current products or the development of new products.

Learn the digital skills to build your business

Our aim is to drive better regional spread of visitors, to extend the shoulder seasons, and include a mix of iconic and new products.


Whether it’s providing highly targeted exposure for your products, or promoting them directly to the people who will ultimately be selling them to consumers, fam-trips are a valuable way of spreading the word about your product with the international market.



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